Be The Best You Can Be,
Every Day

Our Vision

FitForMe believes that each person is unique and deserves a unique treatment tailored specifically for them. Our supplements offer support for weight loss surgery patients as they begin their recovery. Optimum support for optimum health!

Made To Measure

We believe in putting the individual first. These days our dream vacation or a new wardrobe can be customised by just a few clicks. So why should we think ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to vitamin health? Traditional multivitamins mean weight loss surgery patients must take several different capsules each day. The FitForMe range means that just one capsule daily can support recovery after surgery.

Live every day to the max!

Our secret is dedicated personal service. FitForMe’s tailored approach distinguishes us from our competitors. Weight loss surgery is life changing, we appreciate this, and our range of products shows just how much we care about the well being of the individual.

Our high level of care is something that comes naturally to us. More and more people are discovering the advantages of FitForMe. So don’t settle for second best, and let FitForMe help you to live every day to the fullest.