Apple fibre helps
stiumlate intestinal motility

Apple fibre

Apple fibres are soluble and digestible, primarily obtained from apples. Apple fibers are important in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. Our "intestinal flora" consists of all "good" bacteria (eubiotic) that are found in the intestine. In our intestines there are different types of bacteria, pathogens and some other non-essential substances. They allow the absorption of nutrients and promote good intestinal health.

Apple fibres are broken down in the large intestine, stimulating the growth of eubiotic bacteria and improves resistance to pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Substances released during the splitting process of apple fibres also have a beneficial effect on intestinal motility.

How much fibre do I need?

The recommended daily intake is between 30 and 40 g, which corresponds to about 7 slices of wholemeal bread, a portion of potatoes, 200 g of vegetables and 2 fruits. In Western countries the average amount of fibre taken each day is between 15 and 25 grams. Following surgery for weight loss, it is particularly difficult to to take on adeqaute daily amounts of fibre.

Fibre supplements to support the body following surgery for weight loss!

After surgery, the gastrointestinal function is reduced. You will have followed a liquid diet for a few weeks and this has an impact on intestinal motility. Fibres are therefore essential to encourage bowel function. In order to provide the body with key fibre supplements, FitForMe has created Fibre Complex. This supplement is based on Psyllium (Pulicaria) and apple fibres and contributes to your daily fibre intake, stimulating the bowel and intestinal motility.

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