Psyllium fibres stimulate
the bowel and reduce hunger

Psyllium (Pulicaria)

Psyllium fibres are natural fibres derived from Plantago Ovata (also known as plantain). Pulicaria is the name given to the seeds of this plant, within which Psyllium fibres are contained. Plantago Ovata is cultivated mainly in India and the Middle East.

Psyllium fibres are soluble and can absorb a quantity of water equal to twenty times their own weight. In this way they soften the bowel contents and facilitate transit. Psyllium fibres are also benefical in terms of interacting with cholesterol, lowering its presence in the intestine gradually. Psyllium fibre also helps to induce early satiety,, so they are ideal for those who want to lose weight.

Helping you to lose weight!

Psyllium fibres are able to absorb an amount of water equal to twenty times their own weight, induce an early sense of fullness and act to reduce hunger. Fibre supplements are a key aid for those who want to lose weight!

Psyllium fibres also help to soften bowel content and stimulate evacuation.

Fibre Complex (Psyllium-based)

FitForMe’s Fibre Complex is based on Psyllium fibre. Great in any low-calorie diet, this supplement stimulates intestinal motility and bowel movements. When you start using fibre supplements, it is also vital that you take on more liquid.

Fibre supplements to support the body following weight loss surgery!

After surgery, the gastrointestinal function is reduced. You will have followed a liquid diet for a few weeks and this has an impact on intestinal motility. Fibres are therefore essential to encourage bowel function. In order to provide the body with key fibre supplements, FitForMe has created Fibre Complex. This supplement is based on Psyllium (Pulicaria) and apple fibres and contributes to your daily fibre intake, stimulating the bowel and intestinal motility.

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