Chlorine is present mainly
in table salt

How does chlorine work?

Chlorine is present mainly in table salt. Chlorine is necessary to ensure the regulation of water balance throughout the body. Sodium and potassium are also needed to perform this function. Furthermore, chlorine stimulates the production of gastric acid and in turn helps to create hydrochloric acid.

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Chlorine in the diet

The main source of chlorine is salt, which is composed of chlorine and sodium. The chlorine is taken in the form of salt during the preparation of the meal or is added to the meal after preparation. Salt is also used in the production process of many foods. Therefore sodium chloride is present in almost all foods and beverages.

Recommended daily allowance of chlorine

Chlorine does not have an established RDA. Being present in almost all foods, in fact, it is usually taken in adequate amounts by the majority of the population. Even those who follow low-sodium diets take on adequate amounts of this mineral.

FitForme decided not to add chlorine to their products. It is commonly held that the rough daily requirement of chlorine is around 1.5 g of table salt. However, it is recommended not to exceed 6 grams of salt per day.


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