The main sources of phosphorus are
dairy products, meat and fish

How does phosphorus work?

Phosphorus is a mineral that, along with calcium, is responsible for the strength of the skeleton and teeth. Phosphorus is also present in DNA molecules in the body.

Phosphorus participates in the process of energy production and plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. To ensure the proper absorption of phosphorus, vitamin D is essential. Furthermore, the amount of calcium in the diet, in relation to phosphorus, can not be greater than a 2:1 ratio. An unbalanced relationship between these two minerals has a negative impact on the absorption of phosphorus.

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Phosphorus in the diet

Phosphorus is present in almost all foods. The main sources of phosphorus are dairy products, meat, fish and whole-grain products.

Phosphorus can also be added to foods as a binder, in the form of phosphate salt.

Lack of phosphorus

Phosphorus is present in almost all foods, so that a deficiency of this mineral is virtually impossible. Any deficiency can cause anemia, bone pain and bone deformities in children during growth.

Excess phosphorus

The safe upper limit for this mineral is equal to 4000 mg per day in adults. This value corresponds to the amount of phosphorus contained in about two pounds of meat or four pounds of broccoli. Excessive intake of phosphorus can lead to increased bone metabolism, with the risk of developing osteoporosis. Furthermore, an excessive intake of phosphorus can inhibit the absorption of iron, copper and zinc.

Following the placement of a gastric band or sleeve, gastric bypass surgery, duodenal switch or biliopancreatic diversion procedures

Even after an operation for weight loss you will still need to take on an adequate amount of phosphorus through your diet.

Phosphorus supplements

Becuase phosphorus is present in almost all foods, most people take an adequate amount of phosphorus through their diet. For this reason FitForMe decided not to add phosphorus to its products.

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