Sodium is important
for the regulation of water balance in the body

How does sodium work?

Sodium is vital for regulating the fluid balance in the body. Along with potassium, sodium is also essential for the soothing of nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Moreover, together with potassium, sodium contributes to the regulation of blood pressure.

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Sodium in the diet

Sodium is present in almost all foods and drinks.

Sodium is also an important component of table salt (sodium chloride), which is often added to the diet during meal preparation or at the table.

Lack of sodium

A deficiency of sodium occurs rarely as this mineral is present in almost all foods. In the case of prolonged sweating, for example in professional athletes, a deficiency of sodium may occur.

Excess sodium

Too much sodium is bad for the kidneys and heart. In fact, it increases blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease.

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Following the placement of a gastric band or sleeve, gastric bypass, biliopancreatic diversion or duodenal switch procedures

There is no fixed requirement in terms of Recommended Daily Allowance of sodium. It is believed that to meet your needs, it is sufficient to assume 500 mg or 1.5 g of salt. It is recommended, however, not to take more than 6 grams of salt per day.

Because diets are often rich in sodium, FitForMe’s WLS Optimum and WLS Forte contain no added sodium


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