Beta-carotene boosts
the body’s defences

How does beta-carotene work?

Beta-carotene is converted by the body into vitamin A and is therefore also called provitamin A. Like vitamin A, it has beneficial effects on eyesight and the body's natural defences. This provitamin also contributes to the health of skin, teeth, bones and hair and is important for growth.

Beta-carotene also has antioxidant properties. Antioxidants protect against free radicals.

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Beta-carotene in the diet

Beta-carotene is found mostly in leafy green vegetables and cruciferous vegetables (or Brassicaceae). Even carrots contain a high amount of beta-carotene, as well as mango and mandarin Beta-carotene gives the characteristic colour (often orange or yellow) to fruits and vegetables

Betacarotene supplements

In the case of reduced consumption of green leafy vegetables and other foods rich in beta-carotene, it is possible to use specific supplements to complement your diet.

Excess betacarotene

If beta-carotene is consumed in high quantities, this does not necessarily mean an excess of vitamin A occurs. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A by the body only when it is really necessary. Beta-carotene, however, has a tolerable upper limit, which, on the basis of scientific studies, is considered to be equal to 10 milligrams per day.

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