Vitamin C is essential
for our immune system

How does Vitamin C work?

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and is also called ascorbic acid. This vitamin stimulates the formation of white blood cells, an important component of the immune system, and of the body’s natural defences.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant and, together with vitamin E protects the body against free radicals, which are responsible for accelerating the aging process of cells. Vitamin C also maintains strong bones and teeth and has beneficial effects on blood vessels, and enhances the absorption of iron obtained through diet.

Vitamin C in the diet

Important sources of vitamin C are potatoes, fruits (especially citrus fruits, kiwi, berries and strawberries) and vegetables (especially leafy vegetables and cauliflower).

Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin. Therefore vegetables that contain this vitamin should be cooked in only a little water and should not be cut into small pieces. Vitamin C is also sensitive to cooking and to light.

Lack of vitamin C

Deficiency of vitamin C may give rise to various skin disorders such as reduced body resistance and wounds and cuts may heal slower.

Excess vitamin C

Any excess vitamin C is eliminated from the body through the urine. However, this is detrimental to the kidneys. An excess of vitamin C also has a negative effect on the absorption of copper in the body.

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Following the placement of a gastric band or sleeve

If you have recently undergone a gastric band or sleeve procedure it is essential to take on a quantity of vitamin C of between 80 and 160 milligrams per day. This value corresponds to 100-200% of the Recommended Daily Allowance.

Following gastric bypass surgery, duodenal switch or biliopancreatic diversion procedures

Because of changes made to the stomach and small intestine after this type of surgery your need for vitamin C increases. The tract of the intestine that absorbs this vitamin has been bypassed, so that the degree of assimilation of vitamin C by the body is much lower. Therefore, it is necessary to assume an amount of between 120 and 160 milligrams, or 150 - 200% of the recommended daily requirement, to provide your body with an adequate daily intake.

Vitamin C supplements

Following surgery for weight loss, fruit pulp and / or peels may be difficult to tolerate and cause nausea and even vomiting. FitForMe has created WLS Optimum and WLS Forte multivitamins to combat any shortfall in vitamin C levels, specifically tailored to meet your needs.

WLS Optimum and WLS Forte can help you take on the adequate amount of vitamin C, and all in just one capsule per day. For more information, please refer to our homepage:


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