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FitForMe is aimed specifically at those patients who have recently undergone weight loss surgery, as well as the professionals who work in bariatric medicine. We strive to find effective solutions for patients who face serious deficiencies of vitamins and minerals post-surgery. The lack of adequate vitamin and mineral intake can have a negative effect on the quality of life for a patient, as well as damaging the longer-term success of surgical procedures.

FitForMe offers supplements with a unique composition, allowing the patient to gain the same benefit from one capsule as they would gain from multiple doses of a traditional multivitamin. We offer specific supplements both for gastric band patients and those who have undergone a gastric sleeve procedure (WLS Optimum). Patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgery, a duodenal switch procedure or a biliopancreatic diversion procedure are better suited to WLS Forte.

Patients are offered a choice of vitamins shaped specifically to the type of surgery or procedure they have undergone, and in this way the adequate amount of vitamins and mineral usage is tailored to the individual.

Leading professionals from the world of bariatric medicine were involved in the creation of FitForMe’s weight loss surgery supplement range. We seek to involve bariatric experts of all disciplines. This helps to evolve and improve our products’ quality, and we welcome your input and co-operation to help us on our mission to improve the lives of weight loss surgery patients.

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