Pure Whey Protein - Natural

  • Contains whey protein isolate for easy absorption
  • Stimulates quick muscle recovery after exercise
  • For greater muscle mass and strength
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Pure Whey Protein - Natural | For stronger muscles!

Proteins are essential and are the backbones of our body. FitForMe Pure Whey Protein contains proteins of whey isolate, a purer form of protein. It acts to strengthen and develop muscle mass and, allied to its rapid absorption by the body, whey isolate is invaluable for athletes, patients who have recently undergone surgery and those looking to lose weight.

Pure Whey Protein is key for body strength, each and every day! Choose the pure whey protein goodness of FitForMe’s whey supplements! Give your muscles the best chance of optimal recovery, preservation and strength.

A pack of Pure Whey Protein contains 1000 grams of whey isolate powder, enough for 33 protein drinks. Quick and easy to prepare, unflavoured whey protein with no artificial sweetener. Just add your own favourite flavour, mix with fruit or fruit juice. Pure Whey Protein is also easy to add to a variety of hot foods such as soup, pancakes and muffins. Click here for inspirational recipes.

Strawberry and Vanilla!
The Pure Whey Protein is also available in Strawberry and Vanilla flavour!

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Nutritional Value per 100g of product:
Energy 368 kcal/ 1546 KJ
Protein 93 g
Carbohydrates 2,5 g
Fats 0,3 g
Per serving of 30 grams with 200 ml of semi-skimmed milk:
Energy 202,4 kcal/850,1 kJ
Protein 34.7 g
Carbohydrates 10.4 g
Fats 3.1 g
Profile amino acid per 30 grams protein
Alanine 5.0 g
Arginine 2.1 g
Asparagine 11.0 g
Cysteine 2.2 g
Glutamic Acid 18.1 g
Glycine 1.4 g
Histidine** 1.7 g
Isoleucine** 6.4 g
Leucine** 10.6 g
Lysine** 9.6 g
Methionine** 2.2 g
Phenylalanine** 3.0 g
Proline 5.5 g
Serine 4.6 g
Threonine** 6.7 g
Tryptophan** 1.4 g
Tyrosine 2.6 g
Valine** 5.9 g
** Essential amino acids
* Recommended daily allowance (RDA)

Allergen Information

FitForMe pure whey protein contains milk proteins (cow’s milk), soy lecithin and lactose (<2,5g/100g of product). This supplement is free of yeast, gluten and contains no traces of peanuts. The product is also suitable for vegetarians.

Product leaflet

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Leaflet Pure Whey Protein Strawberry Download leaflet 'Pure Whey Protein (Strawberry)' (PDF)

Preparation Advice and Recipe Suggestions!

Click on the link below to download tasty preparation tips and recipes for the protein supplement pure whey.
Preparation tips Pure Whey Eiwit Download preparation tips and recipes for protein pure whey (PDF)

Pure Whey Protein - Natural | Recommended dosage and use

Drink a protein drink a day as a supplement to your diet, preferably early in the morning, after exercise or before bed. Prepare the solution by dissolving 30 grams of pure whey protein in 200 ml of skimmed milk. You can also prepare the solution of proteins with water. To obtain optimal results make your whey protein solution in a mixer. In hot liquids: mix Pure Whey Protein with cold liquid, heat gradually up to a maximum of 70°C (158°F) while stirring to prevent clumping.

Suitable for men and women from 18 years of age. Supplements are not intended as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet, which, along with a healthy lifestyle, is essential for the body.

Quality guaranteed

All FitForme products are prepared according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to ensure the highest quality. The capsules are packaged in a so-called "blister". This special package offers protection from oxygen, moisture and light.

Pure Whey Protein - Natural | Reliable Reviews!

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Pure Whey Protein - Natural | Q&A

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