For many, weight loss surgery
represents a brand new start

Weight Loss Surgery (WLS)

In the UK, it is estimated over 60% of adults are officially overweight. Many try to diet to lose weight. For people who don’t / can’t succeed, weight reduction (WLS) surgery is an option. These operations cause you to eat less and / or absorb less nutrients, making you lose weight. In 2012, approximately 6,000 people undertook weight loss surgery, and this number will continue to rise each year.
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What are your Weight Loss Surgery options?

Restrictive operations have a limiting effect. Gastric band and gastric sleeve operations among others fall in to this catergory. Another form of surgery is malabsorptive. These ensure that less nutrients are taken in by the body. Examples of such surgeries are the duodenal switch and Biliopancreatic deviation. In addition, there are procedures that combine both techniques such as the gastric bypass.

Diet and Nutrition after WLS.

For the period directly following a procedure, a liquid diet is often used for a period of time. Once you move onto a solid diet you can begin to ingest food again. For effective results, patients must also change their lifestyle. After every procedure, sufficient exercise and healthy food choices are extremely important.

In addition to choosing a healthy diet, a daily intake of supplements is required. As food intake is dramatically reduced, this is very important. Furthermore, in the case of interventions, such as a gastric bypass, the absorption of nutrients is reduced.

FitForMe offers supplements specially formulated for people who have undergone surgery for obesity. Have you had an intervention positioning, gastric banding or sleeve? To supplement your diet, you can choose the specially formulated multivitamin WLS Optimum. The need for supplemental calcium depends on the amount of dairy products consumed. In the case of reduced consumption of dairy products you can choose WLS Optimum in combination with Calcium Plus.

Have you had a gastric bypass surgery, biliopancreatic diversion or duodenal switch? For you, the best choice to complement your diet is the specially formulated multivitamin WLS Forte in combination with Calcium Plus.

Advantages of FitForMe Supplements

The main advantage of FitForMe WLS multivitamins is that just one capsule per day is a great addition to your diet. Traditional multivitamins are not a sufficient addition to your diet, so multiple daily supplements are required.

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