For many, weight loss surgery
represents a brand new start

Duodenal switch

The Duodenal Switch (DS) was invented by Dr. Douglas Hess and works in two ways:

  1. Reducing Stomach size and hunger sensors
  2. Reduced Food Intake

The stomach is reduced to 100 to 150cc (about the size of a glass of water), then over the course of years, is likely to double in size. The stomach continues to work as always.

5cm below the pyloric valve (pylorus) the duodenum is cut transversely in preparation for the digestive loop to attach.

The small intestine is measured from the point where it connects to the large intestine to the point where it joins the stomach. The small intestine has a length between 5 and 10 meters but varies between individuals. It is cut at 40% of the total length of the intestine as measured from the large intestine. This part of the small intestine is then connected, raised and anastomosed to the small portion of the duodenum. In this part of the small intestine, food passes from the stomach to the large intestine. The digestion of food begins in this part of the intestine through the action of gastric acid and saliva (called the digestive tract or alimentary canal).

The upper part of the small intestine is brought down and connected to the alimentary canal, at a distance of between about 50 and 100 cm starting from the large intestine (called biliopancreatic duct or bile duct). In this part of the intestine, bile juices pass through from the liver, gallbladder and pancreas. The biliopancreatic duct is connected to the liver, gallbladder and pancreas but ends landlocked, or with "blind ends" at the top. The biliopancreatic loop is then no longer connected to the stomach. The small intestine which brings together the biliopancreatic duct and alimentary channel, called the common bile duct or common channel. In this seat digestive juices come into contact with the food, allowing absorption.
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Advantages of WLS Forte

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In addition, another advantage of WLS Optimum is the smooth outer shell that makes it easy to swallow with a sip of water or sugar-free drink. Also, if required, the capsule can be opened and the contents taken with a little fruit puree.

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